Pasta Mercato

    Pasta Mercato (translates to Pasta market) started in September of 2020. the goal is to sell fresh, local, and affordable pasta at Hamilton farmer's markets. 

    As the growing season in Ontario evolves, our featured pasta products, condiments, and pickles will too.

    in addition to purchasing products from our site, we will be offering tips on how to cook recipes that you can easily make at home.


Stay tuned as there will be lots more to come!

Roman Kremnev 




    At Mercato we focus on producing pasta made from products found in Ontario.  Our extruded bronze die pastas are made from Conestoga Farm  Free range eggs, and semolina from Howson mills Ontario.

    As the company grows we will be working with local farmers to add more pickles and preserves to our pantry of seasonal products.

   our goal is to help make your meals at home affordable, local, and delicious. 

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